When founding gsm Global Sustainable Management GmbH in 2003, managing partner Birgit Karpa-Beuth already had longstanding experience in textile industry. She has worked as consultant for retailers, production areas and associations in the field of supply chain management as well as a in the role of a developer of environmental and social factory improvement programmes.

In the first years of gsm, the focus remained initially in textile and apparel industry. A lot of pioneering work and awareness building were necessary, because in these years, business strategies were rarely guided by ideas of sustainability or corporate social responsibility, yet. gsm started to develop individual monitoring and safeguarding systems for the compliance of standards and for the traceability of product components, which were refined continuously. Still today these systems work succesfully for several international trading concerns.

In the following years, public interest in CSR-concepts just as in sustainable products and manufacturing processes increased. Simultaneously, we had successfully extended our serviceson further CSR-topics and industrial sectors. Among others, monitoring systems and competence building measure for social aspects like occupational health and safety or working conditions have been added.

Till this day, gsm remains true to her conviction and advises projects aimed on traceability of value chains and clean production processes. We always keep in touch with customers and accompany the implementation of preventive and holistic systems for trade and industry, which reduce the negative consequences of certain substances and processes on human health and environment.


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