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19 April 2013


COLOGNE/DHAKA. The latest accidents in textile manufactures in Bangladesh show how urgently textile industry in Bangladesh needs to renew production processes. For experts like the German company gsm Global Sustainable Management GmbH, the problems are already well known for a long time.

Therefore the company, who has 20 years of experience in sustainable productions, has started a project in spring 2012, which accompanies the remediation process of twelve selected textile fabrics in Bangladesh. In cooperation with the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS), gsm advices and trains fabrics from various areas of textile production to implement practical chemical management systems and improvement measures for occupational health and safety. Apart from practical improvements, the PPP-project aims to enhance awareness and local competence in the country and works on encouraging dialogue between management and workers. The project runs for a period of two years and is co-funded by the Deutsche Entwicklungs- und Investitionsgesellschaft (DEG) from public resources of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ),

Main goal is the implementation of systems for identification, avoidance and control of hazardous substances as well as for their storage and handling. “What the factories need urgently are clear responsibilities and preventive systems”, gsm project leader Florian Tiedtke analyses the situation at half time of the project. After several months of intensive strategic work with the factories on-site, each participating company now has got his individual action plan and can enter into the practical realisation phase.

In the remediation process, the persons responsible in the fabrics are intensively supported with practical advice and intensive training sessions through gsm-experts or competent professionals of BCAS. A process routine will be established step by step. “The factories already recognise, that the new way of thinking and acting improve working conditions and will bring economic and qualitative advantages”, explain Tiedtke. Initiator gsm and all participants feel optimistic to achieve the aims stated for each company and are confident, that the new awareness could serve as incentives for more changes in textile industry globally.

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