New: Digital Learning System

20 February 2013

gsm digital learning system

COLOGNE. A new digital learning system helps textile companies, their suppliers and producers to deepen their knowledge about the identification, handling and avoidance of restricted substances independent of time and location.

The online training, developed by gsm Global Sustainable Management GmbH, provides information on an interactive basis about the different kinds of Restricted Substances, their risks and dangers, and how they can be controlled and avoided.

Background is the increasing requirement of customers and consumers to perform due diligence with regard to Restricted Substances presence and content and to work with sustainable and traceable materials. This is reflected in legal regulations and customers Restricted Substances Lists and brings along changes in the working routine and a demand for further education.

The digital learning modules are individually tailored to the different types of textile producers such as dyers, printers or garment manufactures and their respective chemical substances and preparations. Moreover, topics of general safety measures for the handling of chemicals are addressed. Online-trainer Sammy accompanies participants through the illustrated material and presents practical examples, checklists and advices. With interposed questions and a final self-test, each participant can check his state of knowledge before entering the next level. After completing the programme successfully, a personal certification can be printed.

For gsm, which has 20 years of experience in sustainable production processes and management of hazardous substances, the communication of knowledge is an important step to build up awareness and local competences in the production areas on-site.

"We always prefer preventive and practicable solutions", underlines gsm CEO Birgit Karpa-Beuth. "Our learning systems follow this approach and, in the ideal case, they lay the foundation for a long-termed implemented chemical management system."

If you are interested in further information or in personalised learning versions for you or your suppliers please contact gsm: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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