Green chemistry for healthy clothing

06 January 2014

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HAMBURG. The use of chemicals is essential for many production processes in textile and apparel industry. A lot of them can be harmful for the health and the environment. To reduce the future use of these chemicals, the Kooperationsstelle Hamburg, Institut für internationale Forschung, Entwicklung, Evaluation und Beratung (IFE) GmbH, has just started the project „SUBSPORT Textil“. SUBSPORT Textil is an information platform especially for the the textile and apparel industry offering harmless alternatives to the use of harzadous substances. It is an extension of the existing online portal SUBSPORT (, that already offers support for the substitution of harmful substances in plastics, metal and electrical industries.


Especially in the finishing processes like bleaching or impregnatimg a lot of chemicals are used, which pollute the water or rest in the final products. Many of them can cause cancer or genetic modifications. Especially workers in the production sites are at risk.


SUPSPORT Textil will find alternative solutions and make them available for the whole industry. The platform lists undesirable substances, collects case studies and demonstrates alternative technologies, which don't need hazardous substances. Furthermore there are tecnical support and training offers for companies who want to change to production techniques compatible with the environment and human health.


The online portal is multilingual and free of charge. As the trend to green chemistry continues to grow and consumers prefer more and more environmental friendly and safe products, the platform and the implementation of the offered alternatives can provide competitive advantages and image improvement. The extension of the portal on the textile and apparel industry is funded from by the Deutschen Bundestiftung Umwelt (DBU).



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