New Classification for Formaldehyde

20 June 2014

Photo: Guenter Hamrich/

BRUSSEL. After long times of dicsussion, Formaldehyde is officially classified as carinogen and mutagen. So far, the gas with the pungent smell was categorised only as "suspected human carcinogen" respectively with "possible carcinogenic effects"

As of April, 1, 2015, the updated annex of the EU-regulation 1272/2008 including the upgrated risk category of formaldehyde is legally valid. The new categorisation is based on proven carcinogenic effects of the substance for animals, which are also probably for humans.

In textile industry, formaldehyde is used in finishing processes e.g. for the protection of wool fibres, the anticrease finishing for cotton or for the fastness to washing for certain prints.

The new classification can be used with immediate effect, but must be implemented within the time limit for all affected substances and mixtures. Then, also new limits values come into force.

Apart from the carcinogenic effects of Formaldehyde, the contact or the inhalation of the high doses of the substance can cause allergenic reactions or mutagenic effects.


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