Four new SVHC

30 June 2014

Photo:Lauri Rotko, © European Chemicals Agency 2013

HELSINKI. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has added four substances to the REACH Candidate List, which now contains 155 substances of very high concern: cadmium chloride, the phthalate DIPH and two boron substances.

Cadmium chlorid, used for the synthesis of several cadmium compounds, is a carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction substance which can cause further serious effect on human health, specially due to the effects on kidney and bone.

Sodium borates are only added in rare cases to detergents for bleaching. As well as the phthalate DIPH they are identified als being toxic for reproduction.

All four substances have to a pass a specific procedure to decide if they should be included in the List of Substances subject to Authorisation (Annex XIV fo the REACH Regulation).But from the date of the inclusion of the substances in the candidate list (16. June 2014), there are legal obligations for producers and importers of arcticles containing any of these substances: Within six month they have to notify ECHA if the substance is present in those arcticles with more than 0,1 weight by weight and if the imported quantity of the substance in those articles is over one tonne per year.

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