gsm at INNATEX 35

04 August 2014
HOFHEIM-WALLAU. How effective are labels for the improvement of social standards in textile production? This issue has been illuminated from gsm-staff member Lavinia Muth together with experts from trade and production in the context of a panel. The lively disucssion on the subject "Social standards in textile production" took place in the framework of the INNATEX 35, Europe's most important trade fair for sustainable textiles, in Hofheim-Wallau near Frankfurt und has been led by renowed RTL-presenter Janine Steeger. All events supporting the exhibition have had as their theme "social compatibility". 

An effective improvement of working conditions through the existing labels is - especially in the emerging countries still not guaranteed. On the contrary, the increasing number of such labels causes a lot of confusion for producers and consumers. So, the question related to a uniform label has been dicussed controversial. Heike Scheuer form the International Association Natural Textil Industry pointed out the difficulties to bring together the different initiatives and politics. Lavinia Muth, project manager at gsm, presented further aspect: There are no unified control mechanism found yet, because cultural differences lead to difficulties, e.g. on the definition of child work. It is not possible to simply transfer Western ideas. 

All participants agreed, that there is no simple solution. But permanent exchange, both with a wide public and within textile industry, is a step in the right direction and motivates industry, consumers and politics to assume responsibility.

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