The transparency of value chains and the improvement of production processes and fabric organisation are issues close to our heart. We see ourselves as link between brands, retailers and their suppliers and producers. We know from practical experience that preventive and holistic approaches which consider safety, social and environmental criteria through all stages of a products's value chain and which, at the same time, inspire the individual responsibility of each member of the chain, is the only way to ensure continuous improvement and sustainability in supply and production structures.

For us labour-testing of the final product and selective company audits are not enough. We don't want just to treat the symptoms, but identify and eliminate the causes. We prefer to improve mutual understanding of industry and trade and aim to establish collaborative partnerships between customer and contractor. Awareness raising and capacity building go hand in hand with the development, implemetation and monitoring of custom-tailored solutions for the compliance with legal and customer's requirements. We bring together all participants and motivate them with individual support and realistic timeframes to proceed step by step.




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