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3p+ provides buying partners with accredited and transparent information on reliable manufacturers and suppliers. It is the first platform to promote verified performance achievements in all essential areas of sustainability for manufacturers worldwide. 

Benefits for Purchasers

Buying activities increasingly experience legal pressure on environmental and social issues as well as on product safety. The rating of suppliers' performance levels in these fields is becoming more and more difficult for the responsible departments. Merely testing the final product may leave significant risks unrecognised. Thus 3p+ thus offers a transparent rating system which is updated regularly on new or changed requirements. This approach allows retailers and brands to select adequate responsible manufacturers and their products based on a verified performance rating which considers global best practices. At this point, responsible and sustainable buying starts, and risks can be minimised. The buying community can also use the 3p+ rating assessment to get a deeper view into the real performance level of their current manufacturers and vendors. For this purpose, 3p+ offers a closed circle database option. Make your choice and become a member of the 3p+-community!

Benefits for Producers

Manufacturers undertake repeated audits and tests that are requested by their customers in order to meet the global trend to collect all kinds of different certificates. This is very expensive and time-consuming and nevertheless often not enough to satisfy the existing and upcoming legislations and customer requirements. 3p+ considers whatever you have already done, extending the coverage to relevant issues, which are not yet part of the different standards or codes. In case of further needs, our experts are available to assist in all relevant issues to reach your desired level of performance. 3p+ looks deep into your achievements, offering a detailed rating of your overall performance level plus a global web presence to be visible for your existing and potential customers on the market. Show your 3p+ verified performance on the web and extend your customer base!

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