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Chemical Management System for the textile and apparel industry in Bangladesh

The project, which was co-funded by the Deutsche Entwicklungs- und Investitionsgesellschaft (DEG) from public resources of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) aimed to implement preventive management systems to control and avoid harmful substances in textile and apparel industry in Bangladesh.


The project started in spring 2012 and aimed to build up local competence in fields of training and the use of a chemical management system to control and avoid harmful substances in textile and apparel industry in Bangladesh. In cooperation with the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS), gsm adviced and trained thirteen selected factories from various areas of textile production to implement practicable chemical management systems and improvement measures for occupational health and safety. Participants were manufacturers from production stages like washing, dyeing, printing and finishing processes which normally need a lot of different chemicals. After two and a half years of intensive joint work, advice and training, the project ended in October 2014.

The project focused on
  • risk evaluation and classification of the used chemicals and chemical preparations
  • training and awareness raising for pilot companies
  • capacity building and Train-the-trainer-programmes for local partner
  • development and implementation of individual measures to safeguard materials and products in the companies
  • implement of chemical management means to identify, avoid and control Restricted Substances
  • improvement of Occupational Health & Safety 
The project followed a preventive approach. Pilot companies became aware of Restricted Substances and got knowledge, practical tools and methods to control or avoid hazardous substances already in the procurement just as later in the production processes.

The responsible persons learned about their value chains, which documents from chemical producers or suppliers/producers of the preliminary stages should be available, how to extract essential information from Safety Data Sheets or supplier declarations and how to evaluate this information and last but not least how to manage a corresponding inventory list. Therefore, corresponding management principles just as documentation and communication structures were implemented to get long-term transparency and to ensure compliance with legal regulations or specific customers’ demands.
Besides the pilot companies, our local partners are trained intensively with seminars, workshops and comprehensive training materials in the subject of Chemical Management. They can be considered now as competent trainers to transfer knowledge in further companies. 
The closing seminar of the project taken place last October in Dhaka summed up the experiences positively: Nearly all pilot companies want to continue with the started systems or to expand them. In addition, the project has a high mulitplier effect in the textile sector in Bangladesh: Further producing companies, associations and NGOs have been motivated to work in the same direction.
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