Migros eco-standard


Migros eco-Standard


In 1996 gsm and Migros, the largest retailer in Switzerland, have developped an eco-standard for apparel and textiles. The aim of the programme is to guarantee traceability, product safety and environmental friendly production. Since then, the gsm textile experts have continuously ensured MIGROS supplier's compliance with the eco-criteria.

Before labelling, each eco-product will be tracked across the entire production chain — especially across the critical stage of dyeing and finishing of the textiles — till the final product. All chemicals used in the finishing of fibres, yarns and fabrics are collected, documented and reviewed. A complete documentation allows the traceability of all eco-textiles throughout all production stages. In addition, gsm provides fabric visits on-site to ensure the eco-standard to a greater extent.

Each production step — from spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing to the manufacturing — is disclosed to and controlled by gsm. In general, the guidelines of the eco-Standard are much stricter than legal regulations. Naturally they are regulary adaptetd to the newest requirements and technology.

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