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Companies are seeking to develop and implement strategies for ensuring compliance with their supply chain requirements just as with technical product specifications. For sustainable solutions, expert knowledge on value chains and production processes is essential.

We have this expert knowledge about numerous consumer goods plus years of experience in implementing preventive systems for the compliance with environmental, social and product requirements. As we are well connected with the chemical industry, producing companies and various stakeholder groups, we are always up to date concerning standards and legal requirements and their feasibility in practice. Our international network enables us to work in cooperation with local organisations in the production countries to improve understanding and limit costs.

What we do?

  • We offer holistic sustainability and CSR consulting for brands, retailers, suppliers and producers.

  • We develop and implement social and environmental strategies and standards just as product standards (Code of conduct, RSL, MRSL etc.).

  • We assist you with the implementation of control means to safeguard corporate requirements along the production chain.

  • We give technical support and advisory for the remedation of weak points.

  • We develop systems and tools to evaluate and develop supplier performance.

Below you find more information about our activities in this area.

  What can we do for you?

Chemical management systems

Who delivers which component? Are all ingredients and accessories of your textile products free of restricted substances? We identify hotspots, provide advice in all aspects of handling hazardous chemicals and implement measures that assure the compliance with legal regulation and customers' Restricted Substances Lists (RSL). Our aim is to  ensure safety along the entire supply chain and in all production stages.

Traceability systems

We develop traceability systems for brands and retailers to make even complex supply chains transparent. The aims are no longer exclusively to minimise costs or to shorten delivery times, but have developed to include modern company management themes like global warming, environmental footprint and social accountability.

Process control system

We have a critical look at your production processes especially with regard to environmental, social and product safety aspects. We identify strengths and weaknesses and support the optimisation of your workflows. Tailored management tools are used to document every production step including maintainance and use instructions just as recipes .

Social and OHS Services

Do you want to assure social responsibility for people working in manufactures worldwide to produce your products? Don't think of the lowest price, but also of the conditions under which products are being produced. We support you and your suppliers with custom-tailored services in the field of social accountability and occupational health and safety.

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