Chemical management systems

Who delivers which component? Are all ingredients and accessories of your textile products free of restricted substances? We identify hotspots, provide advice in all aspects of handling hazardous chemicals and implement measures that assure the compliance with legal regulation and customers' Restricted Substances Lists (RSL). Our aim is to  ensure safety along the entire supply chain and in all production stages.

 View the short video to get a first impression of all essentiell aspects concerning a responsible handling of hazardous substances.


Different departments in a company are affected, a lot of issues have to be considered. Our systems help to ask for the right documents to characterise the used substances, to understand how they react and to find alternatives if necessary. Our approach for the management of hazardous substances is closely linked to our preventive systems for traceability. In a transparent supply chain, each member ensures, already in the procurement, the safety of a good or a chemical substance through the verification of documents like Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), test reports, company or product certificates.

Thereby, it is no longer necessary to spend enormous amounts of money for labour testing of finished products. Taking into account that the requirements are rising constantly, costs will increase, too. In the tests, environmental challenges such as waste water treatment or waste management are not detectable anyway. 

Additionally we offer specific trainings and learning systems to form the awareness and competences of employees in all working stages concerning the daily routines with the labeling, storage and handling of Restricted Substances. 


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