Social and OHS Services

Do you want to assure social responsibility for people working in manufactures worldwide to produce your products? Don't think of the lowest price, but also of the conditions under which products are being produced. We support you and your suppliers with custom-tailored services in the field of social accountability and occupational health and safety.

We foster the development of social performance in production areas. On behalf of brands and retailers, we control the compliance with company's code of conduct and minimise risks of violations of employment or human rights by starting a remediation process. Thereby, we develop individual improvement measures and accompany the implementation over a periode of several months. Depending on the needs, our action plan includes concrete measures to improve fire protection, protective equipment, ventilation or the storage of hazardous substances. In addition to this, improved structures concerning wages, overtime or the age of workers are built up.

Our services include

  • Development of company-owned code of conduct
  • Individual monitoring systems for the compliance with company's social standards and codes of conduct
  • Implementation and monitoring of improvement measures in the social sphere and in the field of occupational health and safety
  • The development and maintainance of support databases for the exchange of information and documents

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