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Legal requirements and customers' expectations regarding clean production and clean products increases. These include the avoidance of hazardous chemicals, environmental protection and social working conditions in every production step.

Companies are obliged to look deeper into the entire supply chains, because the critical steps are in most cases the 3rd, 4th or 5th tier supplier, commissioned processes or minor product parts like buttons or labels.

Only after all suppliers are identified, critical production plants and processes can be analysed and potential risks can be defined. Based on this risk analysis, improvement strategies and tools can be elaborated.We create traceability and identify all suppliers of a production chain by collecting and evaluating relevant supply chain data.

What we do:

  • We create traceability and identify all suppliers of a production chain by collecting and evaluating relevant supply chain data.

  • We analyse supply chains, production plants and processes.

  • We disclose risks, strengths and weaknesses concerning hazardous chemicals, waste streams, process safety and social issues.

The screening of supply chains and the identification of suppliers of all tiers to establish traceability is one of our core competences since many years. Our analyses are the perfect base for the development and implementation of custom-tailored, sustainable improvement measures.

Below you find more information about our activities in this area.

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Risk & Status Analysis

Our risk and status analysis is the first step to more transparency and safety in your procurement and manufacturing structures. Get an overview of strengths and weaknesses of your internal processes, of your supply-chain management and of CSR-measures.

Supply chain analysis

Depending on the product, supply chains can be very complex networks. The more tiers are involved the higher is the challenge to monitor all potential risks of environmental or social failures.

Supplier evaluation

We evaluate performance of suppliers and producers by pointing out weak points and potential risks regarding product safety, environmental protection, occupational health and safety and social aspects. Brands and retailers get an idea of the reliability of their suppliers.

Restricted Substances

On behalf of brands or retailers in textile and apparel just as in leather and shoe industry, we provide monitoring processes to assess suppliers and producers handling with hazardous chemicals and their compliance with customer's Restricted Substances Lists.

Evaluation of social aspects

On behalf of brands or retailers, we analyse suppliers' performance concerning social accountability. We assess manufactures and traders concerning working conditions, occupational health and safety and their compliance with individual customer's code of conduct.

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