Restricted Substances

On behalf of brands or retailers in textile and apparel just as in leather and shoe industry, we provide monitoring processes to assess suppliers and producers handling with hazardous chemicals and their compliance with customer's Restricted Substances Lists.

HemdThe monitoring starts with an online pre-assessment. With the help of specified questionnaires, we get an overview of existing chemical control systems in the fabrics. In the company visit on-site, we evaluate the used chemical substances and preparations, verify documents and analyse the storage and the handling of hazardous chemicals during production processes. At last, in the final report, we summarise the status quo, identify gaps and make recommendations for improvements.

The Restricted Substances risk analysis includes:


  • Verification of chemical substances and preparations
  • Production process control
  • Cross-contamination analysis
  • Outlining of corrective measures

Depending on the results and the needs, we would carry out further activities to obtain a deeper insight. For example we would develop an action plan to eliminate weak points. Our remediation program includes technical support, the supervision of improvement actions and training modules for all people involved.


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