Risk & Status Analysis

Our risk and status analysis is the first step to more transparency and safety in your procurement and manufacturing structures. Get an overview of strengths and weaknesses of your internal processes, of your supply-chain management and of CSR-measures.

What about the general awareness of sustainability in your company? How deep is your knowledge of the production processes of your products or the impact certain materials and designs have on the environment? Does your supply chain management contain reliable traceabiltiy structures? Do you even know the suppliers and producers?

We define the performance level of your company in these fields, assess management structures and evaluate the measures you have already started for the implementation of CSR-concepts or sustainability strategies in your company.

The analysis starts with an initial self-assessment, based on a customised online-questionnaire that collects information about procurement and manufacturing processes. In the next step, we evaluate your company's management systems concerning the supplier selection and communication just as the maintainance of supplier data and traceability.

Depending on the results and the needs, we would carry out further activities to obtain a deeper insight. For example, we would single out specific parts of the production chain in order to eliminate weak points. Our remediation program would include technical support, the supervision of improvement actions and training modules for all people involved.


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