Supply chain analysis

Depending on the product, supply chains can be very complex networks. The more tiers are involved the higher is the challenge to monitor all potential risks of environmental or social failures.



supply chain

 Simplified presentation of a production chain of a t-shirt. In practice, supply chains are often much more complex.


 We screen your value chains at all previously defined stages and for all selected components.

Thereby we identify all companies involved in the production process including 2nd and 3rd tier manufactures. We collect and verify all data needed to estalish reliable traceability systems.

The analysis contains:

  • Data collection on traceability
  • Data verification of involved companies
  • Identification of 2nd and 3rd tier manufacturers
  • Flow of goods analysis
  • Definition, implementation and monitoring of control points and measures

On the basis of the results, we develop and implement data management systems to preserve transparency and to assure traceability of selected components.


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