Evaluation of social aspects

On behalf of brands or retailers, we analyse suppliers' performance concerning social accountability. We assess manufactures and traders concerning working conditions, occupational health and safety and their compliance with individual customer's code of conduct.

Brands and retailers often are only able to controll to a certain extend the social accountability of their suppliers and producers. We assess working and employment conditions, identify weak points and point out fields of action. Through communication and targeted measures we aimed to have a positive effect on future developments. 

The steps of the monitoring process are: 

  1. Online pre-assessment by questionnaire,
  2. Company visit on-site including interviews with employees and the verification of documents
  3. Final report, which points out the status quo, identifies gaps and elaborates improvement measures

Upon request, we develop an individual action plan and accompany the gradual implementation of improvements. The social and legal particularities in the relevant countries are considered in each case.

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